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The Elephantworks Studio

Current work and writings...

As of August 2018,  I am working on a doctoral degree at Penn State University. I am interested in research that is leading me to see connections between art education and poverty--how will the visual arts help kids in poverty?

I am interested in feminist theory--which is not a bra-burning man hating theory--it is a theory that works to include others. ..the "others" are anyone that is not part of the white, patriarchy-- anyone who is not white, male, privileged.

I am interested in getting art education to kids who are deaf, and considered special education and kids who are excluded from the "norm" . I am interested in helping get art education into every single class room in this country!  I am interested in helping girls an women get over and through dealing with sexual trauma though the visual arts and art making through a process I call "woman-voice." I am interested in comics as a format to share woman-voice to share the stories, lived experiences and  voice of girls and women.

I am also interested in making art works that express these views. In my work, I include themes of womanhood, family, happy being a mom,  being a wife, and being happy about it--unapologetic about these roles in my life. Not works that support the male gaze. My work is symbolic of these roles, my perspective is female, as are my lived experiences.Just because the art we, as women, make is not satisfying the male gaze, does not mean it is without value. My work has does the work of other women.