SKIN #24, passengers and a seed

SKIN # 17, Fire and Ice


SKIN #18, Tumbling Red and Black

#12,  Cool Fish


 SKIN #20, Black, white and the Color Wheel


This set of panels was influenced by Angela Burgett and her list of words are here too.

This  piece was created to celebrate adaptations of Frankenstein, comics an all kinds of stories that were studied while at the NEH summer institute. This painting was cut in half, vertically and given to Drs. Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis, and  Sean P. Connors.

SKIN #13, Growing UP!

#8, little curls

#10, black, white and blue

#9, great big curls

SKIN #23, Frivolity, (bold color & diagonal, white square),


SKIN #22,  Lake Mom, (blues, tall rectangle).

SKIN #19, Passions

SKIN #15, Green Jungle

SKIN, #12, hugs and kisses

#11, A leg in Water

these two panels were influenced by Tie Brandow--her list of words are found in the two pieces

SKIN # 25, #26, #27 #28 #29 & # 30

This mini grouping  celebrates  my friends withing the Deaf Community. There are historic references to include a time when using sign was not allowed or encouraged; but then the use of sign became more accepted as the communication form of choice. Then language and communication were able to flourish. The Deaf were no longer bound, but chatting, talking, learning and growing with a fervor! What signs can you see?

The brick wall pattern teases the thought, who is bound by the wall?  the hearing or the deaf? Sometimes we stand on one side of the wall and we don't realize we are the ones bound by own beliefs, biases and predjudice.

SKIN #21, Grow! (blue Green, Browns) This painting  ran away --I have to find it!

SKIN #32, black and brown girls identities today who have experiences t/Terrors   (OCT 2018)

The Elephantworks Studio

SKIN #14, Water Fountain


The Skin, Hair, Water  & Earth Series

Shape, line & color capturing the  experience of skin. Full of motion each original watercolor is on mystery watercolor paper purchased at auction but with a feel of a cold press paper. Size: 18 x 24 inches,   Price: $850 each, not framed, plus $20 for shipping in the USA.

The Series has morphed from my interest in elephants, their skin, fur, hair, my love of color and the influence of water (I live near the Great Lake Huron). I see interactions of the of all these elements in not only the animal world but in our own culture as people. This series seems like a natural evolution of my own work, an abstraction, showing where I was to where I am today.


SKIN # 16, White Bars

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.


SKIN # 31, unfinished image, FRANKENSTeiN adaptations for today



These two panels were influenced and inspired by TIm Brandow--his list of words are here too


Love & Pals


This pair of watercolors are just fun!  Prints are available as well as your own custom creation--got a word you want us to build a painting around? Just send a note and we can give you the cost for your own original. Prints are also available as well, just let us know the size you are looking for and we can give you a price.

LEFT: Pals & Friends is $800, 18x24 inches on watercolor paper, cold press   RIGHT, Love is $800 and 18x24 inches also on watercolor paper, cold press.  Shipping is $20 more in the USA.  Both are unframed but studio stamped with authenticity papers.