The States!

Watch for your favorite!

Much of the Mid-West is complete, next will be the New England region. Send us interesting facts about your state and details may show up in a future painting!

We will be completing all  50 States this year.


22x30 inches on Arches rag paper is $325

11x 15  inches on Arches rag paper is  $175

Prints are stamped  with the studio seal and signed by the artist.

Shipping is included.



Get your prints today! Discounts available for  multiple prints. What a great family gift!

Words are in your Florida painting: beauty, sunny, spring break, dolphin, manatees, beaches, boating, dancing, Miami, memories, love, family, more beaches, sea turtles, ocean breeze, shells, waves, moss, pirates, fun,  city life, country life & islands.

The Elephantworks Studio


Land of lobster

Maine is our most Northern state on the mainland and full of adventure. I want to go here one day--it's on my bucket list!


Words in the painting: friends, N'pr Easter, farms, historic,  country, memories, harsh, cold hugs, beautiful, farms, fall colors, ocean side, lobster, mountains, love, small towns, community, fishing industry, endurance, hearty & cozy!

prints look a bit cropped here....

but when you get your own print it will be a full image of your state. You will be able to see and find all the words listed, layered and presented in your chosen state.

You can also order your own county as well! Just pop us an email and a list of 20 things you want your painting to have and we can start the process. We can also do custom states with all of your family members, places or activities that are unique to YOUR family!

Just pop us an email or a text (810) 300-3456 and we can start the process!

New York


Prints are available, as are licensing opportunities.

What does it say within the painting: country life, city life, chess, beaches, finger lakes, dairy, big apple, cows, laughs, family, beauty, fun, love, lights, bridges & memories.

Don't See Your State Yet?

let me know what you want to see in your states painting--

Do you have some thoughts? know of great haunt, great restaurant, great history detail or character--let me know! I am open to putting in things known to the locals only.


Chicago, lincoln and Nauvoo

Prints are available.  Find the words...or pop a note to the artist and get the list!

words in the painting: memories, friends, Parke Count Bridges, Madam C.J. Walker, letters to Santa, Mother of Vice Presidents, Gary, farming, Raggedy Ann dolls, P-47, Indiana dunes, baseball, Lewis & Clark, Abraham Lincoln, Corn, Goldfish, heartland, apple pie, family, love, & home.


The dells, the cheese, the lakes

A staple in the Midwest. Prints are available.

Prints are available.

cheese, family, love, Midwest,  friends, home, memories, dairy, dells, hunting, camping, county life, ticket, ferry, rolling hills, beautiful, country, great lakes, history, artsy, & swim.


The state of "firsts"

A list of many of the "firsts" that took place in Pennsylvania. What a fun place to see our national history!


words in the painting: first- baseball stadium, gas station, daily paper, computer, zoo, oil well, piano, president's mansion, mushrooms, declaration of independence, liberty bell, colony, Christmas tree, steal, love, family, home, history rich, Washington, Philadelphia, city life,  & country life

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.


10,000 lakes and more

Making memories here is great fun! We love great state of Minnesota.

Words in the painting: 10,000 lakes, home, Redwood, family, Bassatt, memories, goofing off, shopping, crazy days, love, wedding, zoo, gerbal walks, snow, grandma, camping, hunting, fishing, summer fun, rivers, road trip, Indian rock carvings, corn, cows, farms, rolling hills & grasslands.


22x30 inches on Arches rag paper is $325

11x 15  inches on Arches rag paper is  $175

Prints are stamped  with the studio seal and signed by the artist.

Shipping is included