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The Elephantworks Studio

USA--The West

The mustang

This painting of the mustang, a wonderful symbol of our great country's vibrant west.

The outside images actually show animals, art from around the country. The snow, arctic bunny,  whales--from Alaska, Bird of Paradise from Hawaii, Kokopelli from the Southwest, a Pot from Maria Martinez, one of my favorite artists, & favorite women from art history.

From the south east there is a manatee, a green sea turtle, and a heron and from the Northeast a cardinal, a swallowtail butterfly and a American Eagle.

Prints are a available. The original is about 30 x 39 inches and Arches paper. The original is for sale and is priced at $1,200.

Original sized prints are $550 plus shipping.

Half-sized images are $275 plus shipping. The image is about 20 x 30 inches.

Each print is studio stamped and signed by the artist.

The American Series 

Capturing the beauty of the United States of America

This new body of art will focus on animals in the USA. The first painting is a watercolor, featuring the wild mustang. One of my favorite animals of the west--especially  the mustangs role the history of our country.

I also will be working with colored pencil, mix media, ink and watercolor. Look for the new art soon!