Design, Cutting, Sewing & Stuffing!


All of these dolls and more will

be donated to children

who are guests at the

Shelter of Flint. My students

need to understand that

not matter what is going

on in life, someone, somewhere

will be having a worse time.

Serving when we are rich

is nice, serving a community

when we have nothing

says great things

about us...not unlike

the lesson of the

Widow's MIte.

After taking the dolls to the

shelter I got an email from

Liz, director or the Shelter,

she told me how a little boy

shelter I met earlier finally

chose a pink and white sea

star...(he has changed his mind

about 8 times while I was

there!) Later in the day his

family went to the beach and

a girl came up to him and said

"I made that!"

My student's know that they

can impact their own community.

Liz was so excited and just

closed her letter with "LOVE
IT!" referring to the connection

between student-shelter-little

boy/shelter guest-and finally


Students looks at images of microbes, then created a pattern, and made their own urban stitching piece. Putting Art+ Science + Math together. What connections between science and art can you list?

ELA + ART in action too!

Thank You for Looking!

left, athlete Jesse Owens

Delivering student dolls to the Shelter

The director is super

excited! It was a rewarding

experience for sure!

Science + Art in Action!

See my student's amazing work!

The slide show shows learned skills, exploration, creativity and those who have supported my program! Also you can see kids who are learning new connections between art, science, math and the real world! In addition you can see one awesome student who helped me strip all the paint, crap and junk off one of our tables. My goal is not only to provide a superior creative experience, bit to do it in a space that is beautiful and clean.

Learn What My Students have done... Taking time, having the right supplies, and needed days in the studio help my students make some wonderful art.

This project, inspired by artist

Alicia Watkins, ties Art+ Science soundly


Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.


As children are learning to make a pattern, pin it into place, cut a shape, sew that shape into a form--mistakes happen. This ALlows my students the opportunity to make mistakes with the least amount of stress takes quality supplies.

If you want to be part of the solution and donate FELT, FLEECE and STUFFING to our doll project please contact me through the studio email---

Fabric + Stuffing Needed!

The Elephantworks Studio

We all wanted to say thank you to anyone who has supported my program. Giving kids the opportunity to have success is what my job is all about.

Yes, I want them to read, I want them to understand math, but before all of that--I want my students to understand that being creative, being able to creatively problem solve, and I want my kids to understand they have the potential for all kinds of mad-skills ,locked deep inside, to come out and help them rock their life!

A drawing of Nichelle Nichols, one of the first black actresses on TV in a major role.

All the kids had to do a sample of sewing, each had to learn three new stitches, a running stitch, a fell stitch, and the blanket stitch.

Then I took each section and sewed them together to make a whole new piece of art. Students helps cut out the letters, sew the letters to a piece, sew on buttons. 

They thought is was pretty cool. I know it was empowering!