Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio

What creative activities do you already do with your family or alone? Go for a hike and take photos--then pick 3 and draw them.

Find twenty little items and glue them together, then spray paint the items all one color. You can use a wood base if you want. Balance is a goal, try to get your piece balanced and have fun!

Do some exercise and then write in the journal, gather your ideas and then select one to bring alive! Make the art and display it in your home.

Lesson  Ideas Coming!

This area will share some fun activities for parents and teachers

Share what you are looking for--and I will be creating a collection of ideas for you!

Business Consultation

want to build moral, more unity within your company, group or family--or just have a fun time?

If you want build the moral of your company The Elephantworks Studio can offer several activities that can reduce stress, build unity, and boost moral within your company. Want to accomplish that? Have happier employees? Or do you want to say THANK YOU for the awesome job they do? Show them the power of the arts!

The packages we are preparing will be available for small companies with a "mom and pop" feel all the way up to the large corporations.

Activities can include simple activities like tie-dying and range to full art installations made by your employees--all supervised by our studio. If you are feeling a little intimidated reading this--relax! The Elephantworks Studio will do all the work and help your team have a great creative experience.

Do you have an ideas you would like us to develop? Contact us today!