Against the Odds

A student in India

While in India I taught painting workshops at the  Bindu Art School. Students were adult survivors of leprosy. One gets a humble dose of reality as you see an artist painting without finger and barely a thumb. When you see painters coming to school in the heat, without electricity, a latrine for the village and no running water.

As a painter I can tell you working with these humble people taught me the power of creativity, the power of color, the power of painting--and that this power is recognized by artist all over the world!

I also found out that kids are kids and pick their nose in India just like kids here!

The artist in India

The artist in India working with students at the  Peery School of Matriculation (boarding school ) for students within the leprosy-effected community. In India the arts, dance, music, drama are not part of the normal school day. This program was designed for the school--an after school program, to be supported by other volunteers to support in the future.

This day it as 105 degrees, no running water for the watercolor and we were on the roof, three floors up. Classes were segregated, boys and girls, the genders were not allowed to be together.

We used watercolor as other media would have melted in the heat such as cray pas!  the students were delightful!

Service Projects

THe power of serving others

The Elephantworks Studio strives to compete service projects, large and small. The Studio has worked with The Hispanic Council of St. Clair County (locally), The Cup Scouts of America (regionally), and Rising Star Outreach, (internationally).

Service allows us to remember who we are, what is important in life and how service impacts the lives of  others. Often service, helps us be better humans.

Interested in projects for your school, organization or business? The Elephantworks Studio can help! Contact us to chat about what you want to accomplish today.

Having service learning projects for schools is a great way to teach the impact of service. Not sure where to start? Call us today 810-300-3456 and together we can develop a plan!

If you are interested in having the artist participate in an event with your organization, please contact the studio via our "reach me" page.

No matter where you go--batman has fans

My little students were so excited to be creative! Creativity is a a part of humanity--some excel and some have the love of the arts "beat" out of them through experience, poor education, and lack of understanding. My goal is to teach the VALUE of the arts in all settings.

The girls were so excited to put their hand prints in the wall--so excited I had little helps "rope off" and area to work! That is my hand guiding the students.


All over the world- we need the laughter

During our stay in India we saw the art, loved the people and had fun laughing!

ABOVE LEFT: Melissa Leaym-Fernandez is presenting her print "Edification" (the original is in a private collection) to the principal of the Peery School of Matriculation, supported by Rising Star Outreach. This organization is working to eradicate leprosy in India via education, mobile medical units, the arts, a plethora of great volunteers and your donations. You can learn more about RSO at their website:

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

Serving the Relief Society, Blue Water Ward.

The Elephantworks Studio

 Learning a new skill can not only be intimidating it can frazzle the nerves!  But I decided to take an active approach to helping the women relax, enjoy the view and learn something new in a very relaxed atmosphere!

We met on the shores of the St. Clair River in Pine Grove Park to paint a custom image created by the Studio. We had lessons on how to use watercolor the correct way and how to have fun. In painting a watercolor we pulled water from the river! Quite exciting--and it made the paintings even more unique. Ladies in attendance paid for supplies, but brought their own lunch and the time of the artist was donated--hence providing service! Sharing the skills I have is exciting, energizing and fun.

Let me know if you have a service project in mind that I can help with. You can submit your project via the contacts page on this site. Please include your name, contact information and details of what you want to accomplish with your project. Someone from the studio will contact you as soon as possible to see if your activity is accepted.