Teaching Teachers how to easily integrates the visual arts into curriculum is a service offered by The Elephantworks Studio.  Statistics have shown

for years that each child needs and benefits from the arts.

My Arts Integration is a bit different from the standard practice. If a teacher teaches science and wants to integrate art, then one must make sure to use correct art terms and give as much time to the art making practice as was given to the science learning. Often teachers think to do a lesson and throw in a bit of art, like a worksheet, is acceptable...but it is not.  Including art practices will enrich the learning of your students in vibrant new ways. 

The Elephantworks Studio offers the solution!

Professional Development that includes:

--teaching teachers how to bring a working vocabulary of  the visual arts into existing curriculum  with purpose, meaning and excitement!Teachers cannot expect students to "explore, make art or create" if they have not been practicing in school since a young age

--showing teachers, schools and districts how to find and secure funding for supplies

--provide a Professional Development  that does not make everyone yawn and watch movies in their head to escape

--offer ideas for school & community art projects to build community

--offer hands-on teacher workshops to remove the fear, concern and intimidation about creating art in the classroom

--how to engage the community by showing the value of the arts

--Art lesson plans that connect to what teachers are already doing in the classroom  based on the  National Core Art Standards----with age appropriate assessments

-Do you know the 8 studio Habits of MInd? How can Persistence, Developing Craft, Envision, Observe, Reflect, Express, Stretch and Explore, & Understand Art Worlds help your staff and student succeed? I can help!

Call for available dates--810-300-3456

Professional Development for YOUR Creative Practice

Enjoy a poster to  inspire your students in seeing how the arts are connected to LIFE!

All the resources I used in class are here and ready for your use. Just a reminder:

I did not include titles to art as this research is a perfect activity for students

Artists are from all over the world, including the UK, India, Europe, and the Americas

I am challenging you to NOT teach from the Western Cannon for a year--nothing from, about or in part from the dead, white western men. Shake up your practice! Focus on "Other"

Good luck and happy Making with your students!


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Dates are available---so schedule a fun, interactive professional development for your teachers today!

A packet of seeds to start your learning and teaching--artists that are deaf, of African descent, women,  Indian, multi-racial, indigenous, blind, a street kid---"other," 

and all with powerful thoughts!

I have taught all over the world, including India; Arts Integration into life is a tool that can impact learning in children all over the world--because children all over the world need the benefits of the arts!

Show your students how the arts connect to everything in life and how creativity (i.e. those problems solving skills) are impacted by being able to think like an artist.

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio

Art +Science

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Move your School toward a Dynamically empowered arts education program

Arts for Making

Let me just say, I love teachers. I love teachers that share, wanting to help others get better at their craft and I love teachers that help me be a better teacher. I have not been good at the giving part, the sharing part, but my goal is to get better, waaaaaay better!

We, as teachers, cannot continue to waste time reinventing the wheel over and over--we need to be one big, bold creative, world-wide team of awesomeness that shares our knowledge, our failures and our creative hopes for the future!

Not every young person will go on to be an artist. But they will all be better students, employees, and citizens if they indeed have opportunities to embrace their creativity."
                     Robert L. Lynch, President and CEO, Americans for the Arts