EDIFICATION, oil on canvas, 3x4 feet, $11,000.00 plus shipping.

EDIFICATION, 3...oil on canvas, 3x4 feet, $3,500.00 plus shipping.

I still have not quite deiced if this painting is done, sometimes they have to be put away and pulled out again to get more work....so this painting may change. Plus there is one more in the series of 4 paintings.

The life of a painter, making the art, manipulating the tools and creating the new piece---it is quite an adventure!


This tryptich is in a private collection in Detroit

Astronomical yet Miniscule

The beauty of the eye

This large scale work is  4x5 feet oil on canvas, and shows the delicate beauty of the eye.

Did you know that elephants are sensitive to other animals near them. You won't get stomped on unless she chooses to squash you like a bug!

I was in London studying the 3 female Asian elephants there (1999) and I was under one of the female's chin. She just stood there as I clicked photos! She was so awesome and gentle! Everything supports the golden rule!

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio




Play, the series.Oil on cotton canvas, each painting is about 2x2.5 feet, unframed. The Set is  $4,600.00 plus shipping.

This little painting is so fresh and fun! I love it. It is 4 inches by 4 feet and priced at $1,200.00 plus shipping.

This painting is quite large. It is priced at $4,700 plus freight.

The  Linear Series

The bold collection

This collection is classic Elephantworks Studio style, bold, dynamic, and fun. Each painting is 3x4 feet, oil on canvas, hand stretched and prepared.

Each painting is available as a limited edition print on 100% rag cotton paper and are priced at $250 for the 16x20" and $124 for the 8x12"  (approximate image size).

Each original painting is priced at $5,500.00 plus shipping. There are four paintings in this series.



This image celebrates the family. All the shapes in the background are text, words that are parts of the family---giggles, laughter, sisters, mother, father, brothers, fun and more!

5x5 feet,  oil on canvas, framed in a black and gold lined floating metal frame.

Price: $ 11,000, plus freight

Trunk, $1200, oil on canvas, 2x2.5 feet

SOLD! Comer's Children Hospital, Chicago


PlayTimeSeries, not to be confused with PLAY. Oil on cotton canvas, each painting is 2 feet tall but varies with  its width.   The Set of four paintings is $4,600.00 plus shipping.

A new Pair of paintings for 2016 .this set  of two, Each are 3x6 feet, oil on canvas, each painting is priced at  $4,6000 + shipping/freight to your destination! The pair is priced at $ 8,000+ shipping/Freight

baby giraffe, napping. Oil on canvas, 4x4 feet, $3,500.00 plus shipping.

Epidermis is 3x3 feet and is $2,900.00 plus shipping

Green Giggles is in a private collection in Okemos, Michigan.

Mother & Child,  I, II

These two oil celebrate motherhood

These two images celebrate motherhood and are created with my happy bold style. Lots of color, bold texture, and lots of love. This summer the studio will be releasing a new pair of paintings!

The first painting (left) is in a private collection  

prints are available too--$250 for the 16x20 size and $125 for the 8x10 (approximate image sizes) images , Plus shipping.

The painting on the right is for sale, $5,500.00 plus shipping; 3x4 feet, oil on cotton canvas

Contact the artist for further information.

Remember, any painting can be made into a custom print for you.

The Night and Day Pair

Trees and the river

This pair of oil paintings is  2x3'  on cotton canvas. Inspired by Ford Smith's work in  landscapes. I love his bold color and this pair celebrates that love for color but are definatley painted in my unique style. The set of 2 is priced at $2,400.00