Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio

ART EDUCATOR--Working to teach the power of creativity in communities through:

  • curriculum development

  • teaching, and being creating in urban and rural locations

  • Teaching service learning practices

  • Advising other teachers with how to implement cross-curriculum activities in the classroom with the arts


MRS  in Marriage and Life with Mr. Fernandez

MOM in Parenting our three bouncy children & various pets with Mr. Fernandez

HRDNOCS in Life, experience is truly the best most frustrating and rewarding teacher

MA in Arts Administration--University of Michigan

MA in Arts Education--Eastern Michigan University

BS in Art Education--University of Michigan, Flint

BFA in Painting--University of Michigan, Flint

My Story


I have always been creating, drawing, doing. Now is the time. That I am putting art to work for me! I have been an advocate for the arts, for well-rounded education of our children and creativity all my life.

I get excited getting others excited about the arts! Arts education is a powerful tool to help us remember who we are, our culture and dream about our future. The arts empower either by making or appreciating them.

ART/DESIGNER--Creating original works of art and so much more including:

  • Community art projects

  • Service projects (India, Michigan)

  • Private commission, new work in oil & watercolor (with art shown in museums, galleries and corporate spaces & limited edition prints)

  • Designing new lines and brands

  • Creating licensing opportunities/ iphone app/Card designs

ADMINISTRATION-Strategic planning, grant writing, marketing including:

  • Program assessment/development/implementation
  • Creating  a cohesive brand for organizations
  • Budgeting
  • Ordering supplies
  • Staff motivation and moral

I have always had a passion for elephants, endangered animals, the family as a subject matter, books & text--you can see these elements in my work. I am asking the question what makes humans better?

I love to get small groups, large groups and my students excited about what can be accomplished through the arts. Want to spice up your boring company picnic? Want to create some new connections with your students or community group? Call me! Email me! I have ideas that will work for you!

Plus now I am changing direction. I am working on some new art (Love my Michigan!) and working on starting a new social group, Fat Chicks Running! to promote the wellness of women in the country. I will  travel and speak about how running, eating really well (ditchin' those bad carbs!) and yoga have prevented me from getting diabetes.  I know it can help you too! If women cannot take care of themselves how can anyone expect us to be taking care of  others?

 I have kept Type 2 Diabetes at bay--from running, walking, yoga, summer swimming, and eating superbly! If I can, YOU CAN TOO!

professional skills

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