Love My Michigan!

A  brand celebrating Michigan!

This new brand and collection of artworks celebrate Michigan, the beauty of the state, the fun that can be had while here and all the great memories that have been made each summer on the beach and each winter in the woods.

Art is designed for use on T-shirts and anyone or businesses interested in ordering shirts can contact the studio. Art can be customized for corporate or licensing use as well.

This line is being developed to show images for each state in our great union. Each state is so incredible with beauty and history to share. Look for upcoming images!

The Elephantworks Studio

T-Shirt images

Michigan with color!

I love adding text to my artworks! Below you can read the poem: My state, two pennisulas, with beauty, life, fun, water, laughter.


The text hold words that explain why Michigan is home to millions year round or in the hear.

Love My Michigan

Look for all the words.....

If you look at the image there are layers and layer of words that share all the cool things that happen in Michigan--here are some of them: city life, family. love, thumb, Mackinac, striking falls, camping, country life, copper--see how many other  you can find now.

Fort Gratiot, Michigan on the Southern tip of Lake Huron's west shore

Fort Gratiot, Michigan's oldest working light house

This painting is presenting the light house in a more historic setting. It is not shown as it is today for there is an active coast guard station next door. In addition, there are other buildings on the grounds including a restored historical hospital and a beach to the north.

The original watercolor, unframed is $1300.00 plus shipping.

Photos of the Beauty found in Michigan

Images capturing our beauty

As I travel about the state and while I walk about at home, in the Blue Water Are, I see so much beauty. For me, this is really a personal experience. In the busyness of work, kids, school, crazy schedules I find great value in noticing the beauty, the tranquility, the moment. I know that the beauty of the earth was created by our Father in Heaven.

Realizing that not all we deal with in life is the Ruin Porn of Detroit, but that  life, light, laughter should be mingled in each day as well (or should be!) is important to being a happy person. I look for moments and I capture them with my camera--any of these images can be made into prints either on film paper or as a Giclee print on 100% rag cotton paper.

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.