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We had a great article in the local paper

Monday, February 16th, By the Times Herald, Port Huron MI a nice article!

Text reminds for inspiration

send to 81010

Type "@fatch" in the message and follow the directions to join the FREE text reminds.

Awesome Shirts!

Out Tech shirt is here!

The shirts are here! I wear a large and the tech shirt is fitted. This will help to reduce chafing, and let you find your inner chick!

They are a nice mid-weight shirt with a slinky kind of feel. With the long sleeve you get the breath-ability and protection from the sun. Plus you get a comfortable three season (fall, winter spring) of easy running. For temperatures over 80 you may be a bit warm.

Here is a link to the BLOG

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The shirts are HERE!

The Fat Chicks Running! design

This is the front of the shirt design for the new shirts. I am so excited! The back of the shirt will be a full design and both are taken off the original watercolor painting above. Shirts will be long sleeve white tech shirts (to reduce chafing--I hate chafing!).

The shirts will be in sizes  Large, XL, and 2XL.

To order: $37, (L, XL) and $42 (2XL) plus shipping if needed. MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted.

ORDER TODAY! Call me! Email me! Sometimes I even have them in my trunk--get yours after a run!

A little Peep!

Prints are available

A beautiful reminder of who you are-- a beautiful, fast moving, quick thinking cutie pie!

A woman that is happy (from all those endorphins!), feeling great about life (because you know you can do this!) and reminder that you can do anything!

Prints: $45

Each print is on 100% rag (cotton) Arches paper. This is a high end print, it will last and if you take care of it you can pass it on to another in your family--an heirloom, a treasure.


A social group to inspire wellness, fun, & a love of our bodies....while maybe shedding some serious fat!

For me,  running has saved my life. Pretty bold statement, I know but it is true. How many of you are unmotivated, bored, scared and down right not wanting to get up and move? I was there. Then I got a wake up call. Diabetes was just around the corner! That was  5 years ago...I am Diabetes free and striving to stay active.

Fat Chicks Running will be designed for anyone to join with a focus on women, of course, who are  over 40, discovering the not so pleasant changes in our bodies and those who just want some one to give a little push, listen while they gripe and motivate some motion. That will be me--giving a little motivation!

We will meet at various places around the blue water area, using exercise equipment put there by nature and the beach, the park, the roads, the paths--stairs we can get a hold of or one of the high school tracks--all of these resources are there for the taking. We are going to TAKE and get healthier.

I also may throw in a bit of yoga and I really want to try a paddle board--I want to try yoga ON the paddle board in the lake! What a challenge to build a great core--especially with the lake so very cold! This may happen in the spring.

If you buy a Fat Chicks Running!  Shirt join us for the next three months for FREE. After December the monthly fee will be $25 a month. Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover accepted.