Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio

Ink and Twig drawing about 22x 30 inches, $800,  on Canson Mi-Tients paper----Elephants from the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, WA

Eli playing! Cray pas on Canson paper, $800.00 plus shipping.

Private collection, Not for sale.

Ink on paper, $1,200.00

Ink on paper, $550.00 plus shipping

Cray pas on Canson paper, priced at $800.00, the Drawings to the RIGHT and BELOW, 22 x30 inches.

This quad set of images is on rag paper and a bit large and beautiful...about 25x 30 inches.  The drawings are mixed media and rich with abstraction.  Each sheet is $1,200 plus shipping.

Works On Paper

Fresh, Linear, Rich texture

The drawing works are one of a kind. Rarely will these works be made into prints as what makes them unique is the textures, the papers, the interaction of the media on the papers.

This summer  new line of ink on paper works will be created with a variety of colored inks--look for them.