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The Elephantworks Studio

Made by my students: Water by Jaried, Earth by Zaccaria and Fire by Ladarius.

"Crafting Freedom," National Endowment for the Humanities, 2015

Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs  2016 Awardee for professional developemnt to support attendance at the National Art Education Annual Conference, NYC, NY.

 Summer 2016 --Attended the Summer Institute at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Attending this workshop was amazing! I probably cannot say that enough! Participants were able to see original Renaissance wood block prints, etchings--that were delicate, full of such detail. 

Participants were able to listen to experts in the field talk about the realities of  several Renaissance Artists, their work, their accomplishments, their challenges and their legacy. The lectures were illuminating. Participants were able to do studio activities, activities that could  easily be transferred and adopted for classroom use.

  • Activities like journeling--like Leonardo; printmaking--like Duerer; painting in lovely layers of glaze--like Titian; Madonna and Child images that could  easily be used to allow student to create contemporary image of Madonna and her child.
  • I was able to see a great Kehinde Wiley--a lovely painting of LL Cool J; I was able to see  one of m all time favorite painters, Judyth Leyster. Enjoy the Slides!         

Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, 2015 Awardee for professional development to attend the National Art Education Association's annual confernce, Chicago, IL.

Summer 2015 I was awarded a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for summer workshops for teachers K-12. I attended the workshop called "Crafting Freedom." It was a week long immersive, intensive, hands on-participate-all-day for 6 days workshop! I learned so much!

We studied free blacks, enslaved blacks and blacks who purchased their freedom---all who were artisans during the Civil War era.


When I cam home and shared wit h my students what I learned about Elizabeth Keckley, they were interested. They were not interested in fashion, but the sewing. so they made all kinds of dolls...ugly, cute, funny grumpy, followed a pattern and made their own designs. 

Attending this conference is something every professional artist should accomplish! Not only is one exposed to a plethora of creative souls, but one can experience new techniques, learn about business planning, meet national peers, and network with over 5,000 people.

I have attended this incredible conference and my luggage (mentally and physically) is always heavier on the way home! Every artist should be able to explain, defend, and clearly articulate the need for the arts in our  homes, schools and communities.

Attending the National Art Education Association National Conference 2015