Making is paramount to developing new brain synapses, releasing endorphins, and building a sense of accomplishment.  Here is a list of things what can do to heal--making does not have to be limited to just "art" but can include so many other mediums.



-colored pencil

-ink & twig





-recycling novels (upscaling_

-markers, water and permanent

-charcoal from the fireplace!



acrylic painting

oil painting

Mix-media painting




found objects

whatever you find and like!


scrap quilts

sew by hand, felts

machine sew--start simple and grow!

Sew  mittens out of old fleece & Sweaters

sew  a blend of fabrics into a piece, to make whatever you want!


create your own patterns

it's very meditative...


Clay, clay is so wonderful!


pots (forms that hold)

free form shapes--can you put your feelings into a shape?



throwing on the wheel

hand building and tooling on the wheel

Cut-stained glass


-make images that lift you up and look at them daily


TIG Welding is my favorite as its clean, lets me have superior control--look, there is a shortage of welders--want to feel empowered? Get you self to the local Community College and learn to weld!






journaling -just writing, or adding some art to the making

What can you make?

What can  think of?

What do you want to do?

Create what makes you feel, maybe in the beginning, you feel anger, sorrow, loss, viciousness, don't define your feelings as good or bad, just express the feelings in manner that is healthy.

What activities are making?

could be cooking, gardening, interior design, fashion design, design lampshades out of plumbing supplies! There is no limit!

Make a list of what interests you and stick it on your fridge and just try...

Baby Giraffe, oil on canvas, 4x4 foot.

The Elephantworks Studio

Creative Healing Ideas:

My TIG weld vase made out of steel washers, I love it! its complete form is expandig

Say it out loud, 10 times:

"I hereby Give myself PERMISSION To  Make, so I can HEAL"and MEAN IT!

I found this image, and I don't know where it came from, if you know, please let me know so can credit it properly.

Twig and ink on Canson mi-tients paper

Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.