This project was made possible through a generous Grant from Through the Flower and  Artist Judy Chicago.

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Fine art, celebrating life, fun, family and color.

The Elephantworks Studio

  This project was influenced by research I completed on the Judy Chicago Penn State site, reading that  every day women have value and should be heard reinforced my long-held personal belief of this fact. I wanted to do something that would honor everyday, hardworking, (non-TV, non-celebrity, not rock-star), women Mothers who struggle, take care of kids, married or single, laugh, cry, and had lives, fears,  and dreams before their kids came along.

Many middle schoolers do not understand this about their moms. I wanted to get the kids to see their mothers in a bit different light. Here is what I learned as I curated the project: there are many awesome women out there working hard to raise their children, there are mothers out there that hate their children--and run drugs, neglect their  kids and think their kids don't  get it; there are aunties and grandmothers out there that sacrifice much to love and raise children not of their making. And there are dads out there that are moms too.